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  • 5/21/2015

    We recently had Brian and team out at our house to rejuvenate our soil and landscapes.  We had previously replanted our yard 3 times and spent thousands of dollars and the plants continued to struggle and die.  Brian and team completely re-did our soil and brought his organic formula and compost to put the essential nutrition into our soil and yard. Read the complete review.

    Bob N.

  • 11/14/2012… Brian goes the extra mile when creating a garden, he does what is right for his clients, the property and the environment.  His site design, irrigation design, design and selection of regionally appropriate plant material and soil preparation is some of the best I have seen!  Brian uses holistic, sustainable and organic approaches to designing and building his water efficient gardens but most of all…he does it with passion! … Read the complete review.Peter A.

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  • 4/5 stars June 4, 2015

    Brian’s work is outstanding. He’s an excellent landscape guy who knows his stuff!

    Bruce P.

  • 5/5 stars May 30, 2015

    I absolutely adore Brian Best’s Garden Spirit. He did my yard several years ago when I had him remove all of my lawn and replaced it with drought tolerant plants. (WAY ahead of the new mandates & rebates.) The results are spectacular. My home was recently featured on a Garden Walk. I have had hundreds of compliments. Brian and his team work hard, are dependable, and can do numerous things besides planting. They added stone veneer, a paver driveway, and an arbor to my home. Brian is knowledgeable about all things drought tolerant and he makes sure that the plant selections are appropriate for the conditions. I have nothing but praise for Garden Spirit. Although it has been years since he did my yard, I keep his sign in front of my Loma Portal home so that others might contact him and benefit from his work on their yards.

    Lucy N.

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