Important Point about Garden Spirit Landscape Organic gardening yields better crops because it invites good garden pests to help you sustain your garden naturally. Create your favorite organic garden with drought beautiful landscaping, your organic landscape might need to build up its soil. This is why companion planting is very useful, but we can also organically build your soil up. Use organic gardening anywhere and everywhere.

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeOur climate in San Diego is semi-arid and even Mediterranean at times. We use plants from around the world that thrive in semi-arid or Mediterranean climates. Using plants from this climate allows us to rely mostly on the seasons and Mother Nature to do the work, not your sprinklers. Companion planting is useful in drought tolerant landscaping because the plants exchange nutrients thru the soil, and help each other thrive. Companion planting helps keep away invasive plants, and keeps your garden like a tightly knit community.

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