Drought Beautiful

Drought BeautifulGarden Spirit Landscape is located in the extremely drought conscious Southern California. Garden Spirit’s landscaping business is based exclusively on creating personalized drought tolerant organic gardens for San Diego homes and light commercial businesses. Garden Spirit Landscape saves you money by reducing your San Diego gardening and landscaping water needs while creating a beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our clients like to call it drought beautiful and so do we!  With our own specialty composted organic plant food and sustainable gardening and landscaping techniques, Garden Spirit Landscape is San Diego’s award winning landscape design company. Garden Spirit asks you for the opportunity to design, build, and/or maintain your garden landscape.

Call (858) 335-1361 to discuss your landscaping ideas or email to schedule an onsite estimate.


What does Drought Beautiful really mean?

You conserve water when you use drought beautiful design techniques for your garden landscapes. Using water saving plants we can change your water-guzzling garden into, a thriving sustainable, drought tolerant mini-ecosystem. We create organic garden landscapes that conserve water usage and lower your monthly water bill. Using drought tolerant plants is a great way to provide a sustainable landscape design that will last longer on the same amount of water that of your old garden or lawn.

Water features like small ponds and drought beautiful waterfalls are a form of sustainable landscaping, by providing the foundation for a mini-ecosystem. As drought tolerant landscaping is very creative in nature. We use river rocks as part of our design to help conserve water. We conserve water in many ways. Garden plants are picked to conserve water naturally. Edible landscape is important in as companion planting. Pests are controlled by companion planting in a drought tolerant environment. All organic environments are easy to sustain as they create balance. Creative design comes into play when you use companion planting in your organic garden. Landscaping is a snap when you use organic soil.

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