Garden Spirit Landscape

 Garden Spirit Landscape 

Drought Beautiful, Organic Gardening and Landscapes for San Diego Home and Business

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeGarden Spirit specializes in creating drought tolerant landscapes and outdoor living spaces. We like to call our style drought beautiful!

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeGarden Spirit uses 100% Organic soil amendments with no chemicals creating a living soil through artful amendments. This is the good stuff.

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeAt Garden Spirit we create living art and heal your grounds and property with cost-effective natural organic landscaping.

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeWe would love to design, build, or maintain your home or business landscape and outdoor living space. You will be happy working with Garden Spirit Landscape.

Important Point about Garden Spirit LandscapeCall or email to share your ideas for creating organic gardens and landscapes.


“The level of service with Garden Spirit is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with.
Thank you!”

"Garden Spirit created me an award winning yard that's great! I love it!


Since Garden Spirit Landscape is located in Southern California, we are extremely drought conscious. Garden Spirit's landscaping business is based exclusively on creating personalized drought tolerant organic gardens for San Diego homes and light commercial businesses. Garden Spirit Landscape saves you money by reducing your San Diego gardening and landscaping water needs while creating a beautiful environment for everyone to enjoy. 

Our clients like to call it drought beautiful and so do we!  With our own specialty composted organic plant food and sustainable gardening and landscaping techniques, Garden Spirit Landscape is San Diego's award winning landscape design company. Garden Spirit asks you for the opportunity to design, build, and/or maintain your garden landscape.

Call (858) 335-1361 to discuss your landscaping ideas or email to schedule an onsite estimate and receive a free gift when we meet!

Bring Back Your Garden Spirit Bring Back Your Garden Spirits

Garden Spirit Landscape drought beautiful landscapes can reduce your lawn and garden water use up to 70%. Garden Spirit Landscape creates certified sustainable habitats that flourish in San Diego's climate. Garden Spirit's organic gardening methods brings happiness to your home or business by encouraging butterflies, humming birds, dragonflies, ladybugs, lizards, earthworms, and more.

Garden Harmony with Garden Spirit Landscape Enjoy Garden Spirit Harmony

Garden Spirit Landscape designs self-sustaining gardens and drought tolerant landscaping. Garden Spirit Landscape heals your existing ground by mixing in a home grown 100% organic soil amendment that gives plants the proper nourishment to excel.

Garden Spirit Landscape welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and let our creative team deliver you the best San Diego landscape and maintenance service.

In addition to planting, garden elements that might be part of your Garden Spirit Landscape design include: recirculating fountains or streams, fish ponds, stone paths and walkways, small wood and stone bridges, edible gardens, herb gardens, vegetable gardens, patios, gates, arbors, large rocks, boulders, stone lanterns, containers, furniture, decorative lighting and other design accessories.

Free 100% Organic Garden Spirit Soil Amendment Free Gift from Garden Spirit Landscape

Garden Spirit Landscape depends on repeat customers and referrals. So, for a limited time, we are offering every current client five cubic feet of 100% Organic Garden Spirit Soil Amendment for every qualified referral. Garden Spirit Landscape also offers five cubic feet of 100% Organic Garden Spirit Soil Amendment as a free gift to all new clients.

100% Organic Garden Spirit Soil AmendmentFor all new inquiries, schedule a Garden Spirit representative for an onsite estimate and receive free two cubic feet of 100% Organic Garden Spirit Soil Amendment just to say thank you for your time.

Free offers valid through June 2012. Call today! (858) 335-1361.



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